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2008 Premium Wooded Chardonnay Case Special!

Save a huge 20% off this extraordinary wine.
Only $336 a case, save $84.

Freight $10 a case anywhere in Australia.

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2013 Unwooded Chardonnay    $18.50

Just released November 2013!


This unwooded Chardonnay was vintaged from grapes grown on our estate in Pemberton. Mid lemon yellow in colour, it has an aromatic nose with nectarine & stonefruit characters with a splash of citrus!

The palate is rich & lively with mouth filling nectarine characters. The wine has a clean finish with lovely acidity & great lemon/lime character to balance the richness. A beautifully balanced fruit driven Chardonnay. This is a yummy wine!!

Serve cold on a sunny afternoon with a smile or two!! We hope you enjoy it. We do!!.


2013 Sauvignon Blanc  $18.50

New release 2013 vintage NOW AVAILABLE!


Nice soft Pemberton fruit with round ripe mouthfeel. Grassy and herbaceous with soft passionfruit on the mid palate, nice length with lingering citrus with lime notes. This wine goes well with pasta, a river plate or nibbles plate. It's a yummy wine and we hope you enjoy it!!


2008 Premium Wooded Chardonnay    $35.00


One Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals

Released in July 2011 after being awarded silver and two bronze medals at Timber Towns and Cowra shows. Mid golden straw colour with brilliant clarity, a fine aromatic nose combining lime citrus fruits with underlying butterscotch characters with toasty creamy oak (100% new French oak). The palate is complex and dominated by flavours of melon and citrus fruits, combined with spicy oak and hints of butterscotch. Great mouthfeel and excellent persistence of flavour with a clean finish. This wine is sleek and succulent and is a sipper rather than a quaffer. To be enjoyed especially with food and goes with with pasta, Enjoy!!


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2007 Pinot Noir  $24 (only available at cellar door)

This Pinot has been vintaged and bottled here on our estate in Pemberton. The wine has a vibrant nose with spicy sweet berry characters, as well as earthy and aged tobacco notes.

On the palate fruit and oak are well balanced with lingering cherries, luscious cranberry and cinnamon with earthy overtones. An elegant wine finely crafted with evident tannins.

Good structure should ensure the longevity of this wine.


2006 Cabinet Merlot  (smooth!) $24.00

This is a rich full bodied blend of 50/50 Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, vintaged and bottled here at Hidden River Estate.

The colour is deep magenta with a crimson hue. The nose has attractive dark rich fruit combined with sweet oak components, dark berry, spice and tobacco.

The palate is full and rich with sweet dark fruit, ripe mulberries, plums, tobacco and complexed by integrated tannins with caramel and toasty oak notes.


2008 CSM $24.00

This is a rich full-bodied blend of 50% Shiraz, 30% Merlot & 20%Cabernet vintaged and bottled here at Hidden River Estate. The colour is deep magenta with a crimson hue. The nose has attractive dark rich fruit combined with sweet oak components, spice and tobacco. The palate is full and rich with sweet dark chocolate fruit, ripe mulberries, Satsuma plumsand tobacco, complexed by warm integrated tannins with toasty oak notes.


2011 Cabernet Merlot  $24.00 

With a deep magenta and garnet hue this wine has spicy sweet oak and rich blackberry fruitiness on the nose. The palate is full, rich and jammy with spicy, toast and oaky vanilla notes.


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SparkleArse   $40.00 SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!
(Methode Champenoise)

This premium sparkling wine has been crafted (at great cost to the establishment .. but who cares, we all love champers!!) from a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir and matured for a time on new French oak before being kept on lees for a minimum of 18 months before degorgement.

The wine has a pale straw yellow colour with a hint of salmon. It has a fine continuous bead with a vigorous mousse. On the nose there are fragrant cut hay characters with hints of citrus, great activity. The front palate is steely with a lovely mid palate texture, hints of guava and lemon. The rear palate is creamy with a fresh crisp finish and a hint of sweetness.

Remember, a day without ... is like a day without laughter. We suggest a little of each!!


Riverbed Fizz   $20.00

This is just a nice little quaffer if you feel the need for a little fizz in your day!! It is a Brut reserve style showing rich fruit and soft full flavours with complex yeasty characters.

Give yourself a little lift!!!


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Dessert Wines

Aged Cell Door Tawny Port    $20.00

We have named this Port after the cell Door from the old Pemberton jail (long ago demolished) which we have now installed at Hidden River. It has a few interesting notations on it, no doubt made in hindsight, the sort of gems that come to mind after some sober hours of enforced contemplation or possibly after a few glasses of this good port! Made in a soft fruity style and VERY smooth, it's great for a little late night contemplation or just sipping, sitting quietly watching the ducks graze after a Hidden River lunch.


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